AnnouncementsAmerica The Beautiful 03:00WaltzEdelweiss 02:45RumbaANGUSTIA 02:54SwingYou Are My Sunshine 02:58FoxtrotTrack 4 02:31Cha ChaAmor 03:00WaltzEngeise Wais 03:00Slow DanceFtrt - A Kiss To Build A Dream 03:00TangoHabenera (Carmen) 03:00Nightclub Two StepAt Last 02:58West Coast SwingBig Sisters Radio 03:00Slow FoxtrotAm I Blue 02:42RumbaWith One Look 02:53WaltzFascination 02:25PolkaHappy Louie - Awesome Polkas - Tuba Polka 02:30Country SwayDon't it make my brown eyes 02:35Salsa05 - Max Tores - No hay chance03:00BoleroBesame mucho 03:00SwingThat'll be the Day 02:20Slow FoxtrotOn A Slow Boat To China 02:58WaltzAntichi Ricordi 03:00Country Two StepNorma Jean Riley 02:00TangoThe Other Tango 02:57AnnouncementsAttention Please 00:18Line DanceMarcia Griffiths- Electric Boogie (The Electr03:00Line DanceCupid Shuffle 03:00RumbaSway 03:00FoxtrotYou Make Me Feel So Young 02:56Cha ChaChaChaDeAmourDeanMartinCH02:16WaltzTurning 03:00SambaSax Gitano 02:25Nightclub Two StepBecause You Love Me 03:00MerengueComo Balia Como Goza 03:00Viennese WaltzTiempo De Vals 53 02:00RumbaI JUST CAN'T DTOP LOVING YOU 02:54SwingAll I Do is Dream of You 02:32Slow FoxtrotUntil Now ("camille") 02:47BachataBachata Nueva 03:00BoleroYou'll Never Find 03:00MamboPerez Prado - Mambo Jambo 02:23WaltzThe moon is still over her shoulder 03:00TangoNew Orleans Tango 02:38West Coast SwingLady with the big cigar 03:00Slow DanceA Blossom Fell 02:31AnnouncementsGod Bless America 03:00

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