Ballroom DJ is a software program designed to create, manage and perform music playlists.
Though designed primarily for Ballroom Dance events,
it may be found useful for many functions requiring music presentation.

Some of the features include:
  • Automatically create playlists from song files
  • Store playlists of various types for different functions
  • Modify the current playlist on the fly
  • Select song duration - duration variable by genre
  • Fade music at selected time
  • Voice announce genre of dance music
  • Modify tempo of selected songs
  • Modify start position of selected songs
  • Print or Create Excel Sheets of song lists
  • Now playing screens can be shown on external monitor or projector
  • Images can be interspersed on the Now Playing screen
  • Allow users to see Playlists on their smart phones
  • Attendees can suggest songs from their smart phones
  • Remote control supported (Infrared and Wifi)
  • Manual Song Play / Jukebox mode
  • Sound Effects Board
  • Automatic announcements made at selected times
  • Much Much More

    And, the Standard version of Ballroom DJ is freeware!

    A copy of the Ballroom DJ Operating Instructions is included in the installation. You can also view them here.


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